Chef-To-Go Meals

Why Chef-To-Go meals?

  1. Affordable
  2. No Wastage
  3. Convenient to Prepare
  4. Meals Prepared by Red Seal Chef
  5. Unique Flavours
  6. No Over Eating
  7. Nutritionally Balanced Meals

Healthy & delicious meals available at your convenience.



Rosemary Chicken
Rosemary grilled chicken breast with brown rice - 4 oz of moist grilled Rosemary marinated chicken breast served with brown rice - $10.00
Ginger Beef
Ginger beef & potatoes - 4 oz tender succulent beef served with sweet potato or yam (seasonal) - $10.00
Jerk Chicken
Jerk Chicken with rice peas - Spicy flavourful dark meat served with rice and peas - ideal for times you are unable to visit Chez Max - $10.00
Plantain Lasagne
Plantain Lasagne - Gluten free Lasagna filled with minced turkey in a savoury home-made tomato suace layered with spinach and cheese. - $10.00
Cilantro and Lime Fish
Cilantro and Lime Fish with pesto mash potato - Gluten free. Grilled marinated fish served with pesto mashed potato. - $10.00
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